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 TrackSquad™ is a mobile app and web-based software to enable management & tracking of tasks and location of team members


TrackSquad allows one to create, organize and track all the tasks for all your employees in your organization through a single app no matter how small or large your organization is or any industry you belong to. 


The main purpose of TrackSquad™ is to:

  • Track the physical location of each individual employee through the day on the google maps tab
  • Create different task types done by the organization for e.g. sales meeting /support /production tasks.
  • Configure tasks screens with admin defined fields
  • Assign tasks to each individual in your organization
  • Notify task doers of an available task in the proximity and allow them to grab it
  • Enter the organization HR hierarchy for your own and clients organization
  • Allow the individual or his manager to create new tasks (the system can be configured to require new tasks to need a manager’s approval or work without his approval)
  • Auto assignment of the shortest route to reach task destination on the google map tab
  • Initiate a “Start Task” and “End Task”
  • Fill the task results and have the team/manager comment on the results
  • Auto creation of next task based on the next meeting date
  • Upload utility available for bulk upload of such data as suspect organizations and persons
  • Drill down reports available to allow users to see data in a 360-degree view

And many other actions which enable TrackSquad™ to completely embody the actual functioning of the organization on a day to day basis.

Main Screens

Task Lists Screen


This screen shows the list of pending tasks. These tasks are marked in different colors to show the status of the tasks. White tasks imply that tasks are waiting to be approved, Red imply that these have been done already and green imply that these are approved and in progress.





This screen shows the actual path and the expected path. The blue line diagram shows the expected path that has to be taken and the green one shows the path which is actually taken. The Blue pins shows the organization locations that have to be visited.



New Tasks Entry Screen


This screen is the task details with the various fields to be filled in either the Manger Only Tab or the Others Tab, These fields can be entered at the time of new task creation or once the task has been started.



Calls Screen


This screen has a list of calls to be made and the user can just click on the list item to initiate a call. After the call, a configurable form is presented for the user to enter information collected during the call:


Workflow Screen



This screen allows the user at each node to enter the data needed and subsequent node users to either reject or accept the data. This is used effectively for Expense Pre Approval and also for Expense Approvals. Bills can be uploaded directly from the phone pics.


Sales Invoice Screen


This screen can be used to send out invoices by emails directly by the user on the field and collect payments if needed.




Delivery Screen


This screen is used by the field agent to make deliveries:


Attendance Screen



This screen is used by the field agent to enter their geo location sensitive attendance:






Unique Features

The following functionality makes the product functionally rich and unique:

Configuration & Setup

  • Can be used in any domain and within each domain it can be used for every single work division line for tasking and task management
  • Support for a keyword, permanent fields and user-defined fields to allow calculations based on keywords and permanent fields
  • A storehouse of latest organization  product collateral and ppts from a single source
  • Support for multiple products for sale for each organization


  • Task notifications, birthday and anniversary reminders
  • Tasks can be set to repeat at a selected frequency
  • Support for grouping tasks as a single group task
  • Crowd prediction of the surety of completing a task or a sale
  • Support for the milestone achieved to keep sales effort as a process-driven effort
  • Tasks can be created and notified to a set of task doers based on distance from where the task has to be done. Task doers can opt to do the task based on their individual availability. This part uses heuristics based search (Artificial intelligence)

Maps & Routes

  •  Maps show expected path and actual path as two different line diagrams in different colors on the google maps
  • Will show other potential task points for sales and support along the route being taken by the task doer to provide better and “at the moment” coverage

Domains Catered

The following in a non-exhaustive list of domains catered to by TrackSquad. The application can be configured within minutes to have fields as per your requirement.

Horizontal Domains

  • Production
  • Sales
  • Accounts
  • HR
  • Support
  • Field Movement
  • Clerical Support
  • Admin and Front Desk

Vertical Domains

  • Ambulance
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Staffing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Travel
  • Taxis
  • Courier Companies
  • Consumer Durable
  • Medical Labs
  • Shifting solutions
  • Hospitals
  • Furniture
  • Publishing
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Automobile
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Travel
  • FMCG
  • Delivery and Pickup Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pest Control Services
  • Facility Maintenance Services
  • Agro Products
  • Distilleries
  • Paints
  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Auto Sales & Service Centers
  • Retail
  • and any other domain that you can think of


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