Mindmill was established in 1993 as a pure Software Development company. Mindmill has clients in over 22 countries around the world including US, UK, Canada, Japan and many other European / Asian and African Countries. It has done projects spanning almost every domain in the world including BFSI, Parking, Transportation, Gaming, Law Enforcement, Hospitality, Medical et cetera.

Mindmill has the following main development verticals:

  • Banking Software Products (BankMill)
  • Task and Team Tracking Software Product (TrackSquad)
  • Access Control Software & Devices with Embedded Programming based on Centralized Server (EntryCheck)
  • Custom Software and
  • BPO Services

We have worked with 100s of clients over the years. Some of our well known clients include IBM, NSW (Japan), Government of India and United Nations

We have over 300 employees as of 2016. Most of these are located out of our 150,000 sq feet modern 9 story Corporate Headquarters at Mindmill Corporate Tower, Film City, NOIDA, NCR, India.

Mindmill has acquired all major industry certifications over the years including SEI CMMi Level 5 in 2010, ISO 9001:2000 in 1998, besides several others. We were also selected by NAFCUB as one of the 4 companies authorized to sell banking software to over 1700 banks in India.

Most of our clients have been with us since several decades building strong relationships based on trust and superior service. 

Our company motto is "Lets aim together to climb higher". The spirit of our motto is imbued in our company logo which has two inverted Vs placed closely together. Each of these Vs is a Kanji character signifying "people". The 'M' is made with these two symbolic people coming together and giving a feel of upward mobility.

What we do?



Software Development

Business Analysis, Object Modeling, Architecture, Coding, Testing & Deployment

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Product Development

Develop, Market and Support World Class Products in BFSI Domain

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BPO Services

Advanced and High-end BPO Services such as Technical Support, Invoice Reconciliation, Product Support Et Cetera

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Cloud & ASP Services

Provide Software Products on Cloud as ASP Service with Full Service Support

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Recent work?

Experienced software development company

  •  Mobile Apps Development

    Mindmill has developed and deployed a large number of mobile apps using offline and online sync mechanism which allows users to enter data in offline mode and synchronize their cell data when the phone goes online.

  •  Mobile App Classes R&D

    Mindmill has created some amazing classes for Mobile Apps such as image classes which allow users to do advanced functions on in app images such as rotation, scaling, marking and OCR. Area demarcation on a Google map to limit the extent of service allowed. Thumbnail display with details on double click.

  •  CTS

    Banks running BankMill can now use state of the art full intertwined and integrated CTS module for doing their clearing using Cheque Truncation System.

  •  Invoice Reconcilation

    Mindmill provides superior high skilled BPO services such as Invoice Reconciliation wherein our agents reconcile the purchase order, material/services received, invoices and payments made.

Company Details

Latest News

Mindmill Celebrating 25 Glorious Years (1993 - 2018)

Releases our own ATM Switch

Direct NEFT/RTGS Interface with IDBRT

DBTL Interface for Government Schemes


Flagship Products

Core Banking Software

Core Accounting

Supply Chain Management Software (Inventory Management)

ERP for BFSI Segment




Contact Us

Head Office

Mindmill Corporate Tower
24A Film City
Noida, UP 201 301

Tel: +91 120 414 2000

Mobile: +91 98 110 20940

URL: http://www.mindmill.com/

Email: info@mindmill.com


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