Company Background

Mindmill Software is organized into three divisions: Bespoke development, ERP software products, Invoice & Procurement BPO services. Mindmill's bespoke development covers Outsourced Product Development (OPD), customized software development and Managed services. Leveraging the strengths, innovation and global reach that Mindmill possess, Mindmill's Business Solutions & Products ensure that they meet the needs of its customers, which include large organizations, small and medium enterprises as well as public sector organizations & government institutes.

Mindmill's ERP software division has developed award winning customer choice products for banking, automated parking, retail, etc. The products are deployed in major financial and other organizations across 15 countries including India, Nepal, US, South Africa, Australia, Sudan, Austria. With 17 years' experience, Mindmill's' unparalleled ability to successfully deliver improved processes is achieved by understanding its customers' unique needs and providing the capability to deliver automated systems through the use of technology.

Mindmill Advantages

Credence: Clients come to mindmill due to its cost effective,reliable & IT proven solutions & software products.The Milndmill delivery suite constitutes of requisite domain expertise, mature test delivery & client engagement model for high quality, reliable solutions delivery

Functional Excellence: The Mindmill functional excellence is ensured with efficient Mindmill Delivery Model in place. It allows Mindmill to deliver world class IT solutions to its clients through the global benchmark approach.

Client First Attitude: Every client is unique and Mindmill's highest priority is client's satisfaction through its unique & novel IT solutions and software products.


Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision: Enabling Perfection

To be the most preferred Bespoke, ERP software products and Invoice matching specialists for its Global & Domestic Customers

Mission: Meeting IT needs efficiently

Mindmill is a client focused, process centered organization that develops and delivers world class IT solutions through the integration of people, processes and technologies.

Mindmill’s Core Values

Since its inception, Mindmill has been governed by its core values. They shape up the culture and define Mindmill’s character. These values influence the way Mindmill meets client needs.

Mindmill core values are as follows:

High Sense of Ownership

Mindmill believes in inculcating an ownership quotient in every Mindmill employee leading to a participative management approach wherein every employee feels a part of the Mindmill success roadmap.

Functional Excellence

Mindmill staunchly believes in delivering value to its clients with at par excellence in managing the internal value chain driven by high performance delivery centric unique processes.

Result Focused Leadership

Mindmill strongly focuses on building a result oriented leadership combining deep functional knowledge, global benchmarks & holistic individual & organizational development.

Significance of Corporate Logo

Mindmill logo reflects the core value of our organisation: knowledgeable, empathetic, competent and trustworthy professionals to partner.Mindmil logo symbolizes two towers: tower of excellence and tower of relationship. Tower of excellence reflects our deep domain and technical expertise, professional competencies, and, comprehensive project management skills. Tower of relationship reflects the high sense of ownership for customers, consistency in project delivery, and outcome based business environment we bring to all our client engagements.


Two intertwined towers reflect our corporate commitment "We are large enough to consistently deliver high quality outcomes and small enough to care". We take pride to be key partners that have mattered in the growth of our clients.

Mindmill company name in bold and in white connotes integrity, transparent process and care for our customer. Blue background reflects the reliability, professionalism, credibility, and domain expertise our employees bring to any assignment.


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