• Mindmill has developed and deployed several customized solutions for clients across the world. Following mention some of the representative projects done by us.
  • A software to fully automate process of issuing penalty charge notices by street patrolling officers for wrongly parked/unauthorized vehicles. Information is gathered on android enabled devices with images etc. and transferred to back office in real time environment without delay for further processing. All queries related to the penalty charge notices are handled automatically by different components developed on different platforms. Components are designed to trigger on the outcome of its predecessor in the chain to insure the data integrity and validity. The outcome of the components communicated to authorities in charge by automated mails. Different components developed on Android, Mule ESB, PubNub, Alfresco, Java, PHP, and MySQL.
  • A customized CRM application for a USA Client, where sales representatives have a daily call scheduling facility to view a list of customers that are to be called and/or visited during a specific week. The Calls scheduler shall group customers by their order days, establish a call sequence by time of day, mark calls. The application environment was Windows 2000, ME, XP, C#, SQL, and the project was completed in 24 man months.
  • Toranto provides solution for traffic control system and Parking system in UK. This project is designed to automate the civic needs of UK. It issues Penalty charge notices, tracks the records of clamp and removal, maintain licensing information, gives information of foreign registered vehicles to parking attendants, observe vehicles, provides online information to parking attendants and controls the tickets from issuing to completion. The application environment includes browser technologies and .net Framework 4.0
  • A web based application running on a Tablet PC created for large transportation company to manage the pickup and drop routes, along with collection of returned goods. The application environment was .NET, ASP and SQL-2000 and the project was completed in 20 man months.
  • A web based pre booking sales software to provide online car park pre-booking. This software interacts with various user interfaces, stores the data gathered from those user interfaces, and transfers certain subsets of that data to external car park management systems. The application environment was Windows 2000 and above, C#, SQL and the project was completed in 2 man months.
  • An electronic time application for civil contractors which helps the foreman to monitor the resources at the site for various jobs. One can always collect and build the data at the PC side (File manager Application) and can then transfer the data to the palm (Time Keeper) with the help of syncing, memory stick or emailing. Can also export and import data to the Excel, XML and text format from/to other applications. The application environment includes Windows 9X, 2000, NT and Me, Visual Basic 6.0, MS Access 2000, Satellite forms 5.2 and code Warrior. This challenging project was done in 24 man months.
  • A web based Football game with a game server running at the back publishing results and allows betting through multiple channels including Credit Card. The application environment included Linux, My SQL, PHP and browser technologies and the project was completed in 2 man months.
  • FYI Visual gathers, analyzes, and graphically displays information about active business process and corporate performance metrics through color coded symbols in real-time. FYI Visual compares the real-time status of those metrics with predefined organizational business rules. If the status of a metric is out of the norm, FYI can trigger automated alerts or perform other predefined actions to keep work moving efficiently. The application environment includes browser technologies and Java Applets. The project was successfully deployed in 20 man months.


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