December 27, 2018 was the 25th anniversary of Mindmill.

25 years this day our CEO sat in Citibank to get our company account opened and the first commercial transaction of our company was made.

It has been a long, purposeful and satisfying journey.

We are a unique company in that:

  • We have been profitable in each of these 25 years.
  • We have worked with clients in over 22 countries.
  • We have worked on real software development in almost every single domain and every single technology out there
  • Members of the Mindmill family tend to stay on with Mindmill and today we have many employees who have been with us for over 20 years, 15 years, 10 years and 5 years.
  • We have created several  software products for which we own the IPR.
  • These are selling successfully around the world.
  •  We work as a professional company with well defined horizontal divisions of Production, Sales / Marketing, Delivery, Accounts, HR and the CEO's office to lead, monitor and guide each of these independent divisions.
  • We work in our own beautiful building in one of the most coveted addresses in India.

This is the year that we celebrate the 25 Glorious Years of Mindmill. The beginning of the celebrations this year the first of which will be the Cruise.

This day would not have been possible without the hard work and good wishes of our employees, clients and associates. 



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