Mindmill Institute Management system is user-friendly software designed to automate, manage and look after overall processing of large educational institutions. The solution allows institutes to manage admission enquiry details, student profiles, faculty details, employee details, fee payment details, accounts details, etc.MindInstitute is a comprehensive software solution to manage all facets of your institute. It is the only totally web enabled institute management solution, available in this world, which allows users across physical boundaries to see and modify the data that they are responsible for without the need to travel to a physical location. A Microsoft Outlook type left tree makes it extremely easy to navigate to any module and its end screen/report.It includes Email alerts, Mobile alerts, Mobile Telephone based data access and updation.


Mindmill Institute Management system is user-friendly software designed to automate, manage and look after overall processing of large educational institutions. The solution allows institutes to manage admission enquiry details, student profiles, faculty details, employee details, fee payment details, accounts details, etc.


This allows for creating users, their roles and rights in the system.

Student  Administration

  • To enter student's general details - name, address, contact details, parent's contact, occupation details and details of siblings.
  • To enter students' last school attended details.
  • To enter students' attendance.
  • To maintain strengths and weaknesses details of students.
  • There is a provision to provide the details of the staff child.
  • Special achievements of each Student in complete academic career.
  • To maintain old/left students records.
  • To maintain the blood group, caste, mother tongue, nationality of students.
  • Facility to maintain the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) details.
  • Provision to create pincode, occupation, qualification, classes, sections and divisions.
  • There is a provision to create subjects and subject groups and link each class/student with a subject or subject group. Application will maintain academic and non-academic subjects.
  • There is a provision to assign bus route to each student and a provision to define stoppages(pick up points) for each bus route.

Report Generation

  • To generate reports on staff children.
  • To print labels for individual students.
  • To generate reports on bus route showing the various pick up points.
  • To generate attendance report.
  • To generate sibling and non-sibling lists.
  • To print mother tongue wise list and third language list. Provision to generate pin code wise report, surname wise report, house wise report, parent-profession weis report, religion wise report

Exam Module

  • To maintain exam timing and exam-paper details.
  • To create term master and test master.
  • To create grade master.
  • To maintain the subject wise time table for exams.
  • Facility to assign marks/grades to students.
  • To maintain condonation record.
  • To allow verification of marks obtained by students.
  • To define/configure rules of promotion
  • To process result based on the obtained marks.

Report Generation

  • To print absentees sheet.
  • To print reports of top rankers for individual classes.
  • To generate report on seating arrangements of students in the exams.
  • To generate subject wise mark list.
  • To print invigilator's/moderator's report.
  • Facility to provide graphical representation of marks.
  • Facility to print mark sheets.
  • Facility to print evaluation sheet term wise and comulative.

Fee Module

  • To assign fee category to students.
  • Facility to generate fees and receive fees.
  • Facility to update the generated/raised fees.
  • Facility to receive PTA fees.
  • Provision to regenerate the finalised fees.
  • Maintaining fee structure setup.
  • Creating fee categories.
  • Creating fee category items.
  • Defining time periods for generating fees.
  • Configuring fine for bounced cheques/late fee.
  • Master for fee cycles.
  • Linking PTA fee with account head.
  • Configuring class-wise fee book number.

Report Generation

  • Report showing fee collection statement with the details of class, fee book number, student name, amount, cheque number, name of bank/branch.
  • Printing of fee book with details of student name and the particulars (fee heads).
  • Report displaying pending/advance amount against each student.
  • To display the default details.
  • Report displaying showing names of students availing PTA assistance.
  • Report displaying the list of students contributing to PTA.

Payroll Module

  • To define salary structures.
  • Maintaining employee biodata.
  • Maintaining a salary register with the employee name, designation, date of increment, date of birth, scale of pay and related details.
  • Facility to define the various leaves like CL, EL,ML, LWP etc.
  • Generating leave application forms.
  • Facility to calculate the D.A., D.P., H.R.A., C.L.A., T.A.,Basic etc.
  • Issuing of No Objection Certificate for the employees.
  • Maintaining declaration regarding tutions.

Report Generation

  • Facility to generate section wise salary statement for staff members.
  • Facility to print salary bill.
  • Facility to print salary certificate against each employee.
  • Facility to generate pay slip for the employees.
  • Report displaying the arrears statement.
  • Report displaying the discharge certificate. 
  • Printing the staff list as per the seniority.

Accounting Module

  • To create/modify/delete Journals.
  • Facility to distribute the income/expense section-wise.
  • Facility for budget settings.
  • Facility for contra vouchers.
  • Facility for entry of interests from banks on FD.
  • Entry for payment vouchers.
  • Facility for income and expenditure account maintenance.
  • Facility for cost centering. 

Report Generation

  • To generate the Term account report.
  • To generate the cost centering reports.
  • To print the report for banks from where the interest on FD is pending.
  • To generate the income and expenditure report.
  • Automatic roll number allocation.
  • Automatic fee book number allocation.
  • Automatic division allocation.
  • Automatic house allocation.
  • Automatic result processing.
  • Automatic promotion to next class.

Other Unique Features

    The unique features of this product are:
  • Easy to use screens which require little scrolling up and down and only relevant fields are present.
  • Ease of navigation through a left hand tree. A user can click on a node/type an abbreviation and go to any screen immediately.
  • Access to account based on account number, account name, customer number, and member number.
  • Regulator based image based inward Clearing File based inward clearing.
  • Deposit Receipt, Passbook Remittance, Membership Certificate, Share Certificate, and Notice Printing.


The server software can run on Windows 2000, 2003 or any other system

supporting Servlets and the RDBMS. The front end runs on any browser supporting Java Applets.

The back end is written in Java Servlets and the front end is written in Java

Applets.The software is based on a 3 tier architecture providing excellent security and

speed combination. XML is used for all data transmission and screen layouts

  • The database can be any industry standard RDBMS such as Oracle, MS SQL


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