Whether you are about to embark on a new project using Oracle’s technologies, or you are mid-way through an evaluation of ERP product and not sure whether the products meet your business process, Mindmill’s team of expert consultants can work with you to ensure the success of your project. Our consultancy services are best used for business analysis, enterprises and solution architecture design, software selection, development and testing supervision, enhancement, migration strategy and IT Optimization. Our team of experts with experience that spans various domains can provide advice and support your business with customized consulting, implementation and development of web/client server applications.

We provide the best technical resources and experienced Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Solution architects to help your business develop through optimizing IT investments for your organization. Mindmill consultants combine technical expertise and business know-how to improve IT business alignment and higher returns on investments of IT. Our consultants specialize in  SAP, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft,Oracle Applications, Siebel, Alfresco, Clarify and Microsoft Technologies.

At Mindmill, we have developed a consulting engagement methodology that meets priority IT requirements while setting an architecture and strategy to move through the IT Business strategy. This approach significantly reduces risk and cost while speeding delivery cycles and leading to higher levels of satisfaction across the stakeholder community. 

The key services offered are described below.

  • Business/Data Requirements Analysis: Our consultants engage with all levels of the business and address data requirements, relationships, granularity, sources and quality to provide a solid basis for technical design decisions and project planning.
  • Data Architecture:Our consultants help design the core data entities and data domains, the dimensions, hierarchies and measures that will underpin the IT solution.
  • Solution Architecture: Based on an awareness of the business and data requirements, our experienced consultants suggest an optimal solution architecture that meets both business and IT requirements.
  • Vendor Roadmap: Mindmill’s consultants work closely with Client’s IT procurement team and ensure the correctness of the technical design and provide valuable insights into the project decision-making process.
  • Software Development: Mindmill consultants transfer their knowledge of development approaches and techniques to internal teams in order to enhance timescales and efficiency or can suggest approaches to better time-to-market.
  • Project Management:Our consultants can help in forming, recruiting appropriate IT project team, governance and compliance systems to ensure the success of your project.

Mindmill’s experienced consultants can also offer advisory services for: 

  • Technology refresh/New technology adoption advice: Often, and rightly so, the process to upgrade from a legacy IT systems to state-of-the art software product is a complex decision making scenario. Mindmill can improve the competitiveness of clients through a set of consulting practices that result in knowledge-intensive business solutions with appropriate Information technology components.
  • Data quality audits, and performance optimization: Most well-run businesses subject themselves to regular internal review. Data bases and data warehouses, too, need regular review to ensure that they remain aligned to corporate objectives and operational performance targets are met. Mindmill consulting is able to offer expert assessment on whether a data warehouse remains suitable for the needs of the business. These audits can be targeted at specific areas such as data quality and provenance, database performance, and aggregation strategy or take a more holistic approach looking at the needs of an organization as a whole. We also conduct performance optimization analysis by investigating the general performance characteristics of the data warehouse before looking at significant problem queries. Where appropriate we will recommend remedial work to improve performance.
  • IT infrastructure consolidation strategy: Organizations, either through merger and acquisition or from departmental initiatives, often operate multiple data marts, data warehouses and reporting systems. Mindmill will give high-level advice on the best ways to align legacy infrastructure and packaged software to support the business’s strategic goals.

Our philosophy Lets Aim Together to Climb Higher

For IT projects to be successfull there needs to be a traceable chain of understanding from the highest level business requirements through to detailed technical delivery. The planning phase of a IT project should create an awareness of the business overall information model and its associated data assets so that subsequent technical design decisions can be made more pragmatically and technology delivery can proceed with greater focus and efficiency. Success in the build phase of a IT project requires a blend of close project management, development agility, high user involvement and early visibility of deliverables. To achieve this a clear but flexible implementation methodology is needed along with in-depth knowledge of product functionality and development approaches and techniques.

  • We offer well trained and certified professionals to our clients to help them realize their long term business goals.
  • Our consultants are proven IT leaders, passionate and disciplined at work and deliver high level professional advice and solutions outputs.

Mindmill resources bring three leading skills to the team they join: 

  • Technology adeptness Mindmill employees are recruited from the best universities/institutes and are constantly trained and certified in the latest tools and trends. They bring their extensive knowledge base of developing solutions, and best practices across multiple verticals and clients.
  • Value focussed we help you leverage IT investments to meet business growth. Our consultants have unrivalled experience in technology selection, project implementation and ongoing enhancements. They are focused on working in collaboration with the clients to ensure maximum return on investment.

Business Benefits


  • Immediate access to valued advice from highly qualified, experienced consultants, business analysts
  • Opportunity to adopt best practice approaches and best-of-breed solution
  • Third party neutral advice on solution selection, development approach, etc
  • Appropriate IT selection, improved ROI on IT investments
  • Improved IT and business alignment


Mindmill consultants can be engaged as:

  • Business Analysts
  • Architects
  • Database designer
  • Database architect
  • Project Lead
  • Technology Lead
  • Solution architects


  • Oracle Applications
  • SAP
  • JD Edwards
  • Peoplesoft
  • Siebel
  • Clarify
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • .NET Technologies
  • Java, J2EE, JSP
  • PHP, Ajax
  • HTML. Perl/CGI

Client engagement Model

Mindmill consulting engagement models vary with the client requirements. The choice of engagement model for consulting is the model that mitigates risks appropriately whether it is fixed cost or a percentage of project cost. For short term audits or assessments, clients may engage on Consulting hours basis based on statement of work. Consultants can also be hired as retainers, with a fixed fee model for a negotiated period. Quest for Quality



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