Pedestrian Entry Control System

 Entry✅ - The Best Vehicle/Pedestrian Entry Control System


Entry✅™  is a complete vehicle and pedestrian entry control system.It uses state of the art technology where the application runs in a Mobile App and can use the same Mobile App to access all access devices managed by the system on cloud.  It provides entry control solutions (including hardware, software, all devices, deployment and actual running) for the following categories:


  • Pre-Registered Cars, Motorcycles and Pedestrians
  • Unregistered (but expected) Cars, Motorcycles and Pedestrians
  • Highly Parameterized Billing for guest and residents
  • RFID / ANPR camera based entry and exit number plate recognition
  • Mobile App can open and close barriers
  • GPS and Phone Number based Person Identification
  • One time access with URL generation
  • Missed call, NFC,RFID Numeric Keypad and Fingerprint recognition
  • High level of product parameterization to set parking/entry charges by the time interval, day of the week, special days of the year and many others as per registered multi level groups.

It can be used as a sophisticated access control system to prevent intrusion in many  areas for like Residential Societies & Residential Colonies / Commercial Buildings & Factories Shopping Malls /Market Parking/General Parking Lots/Airport Car Park /  Train Station / Bus Depot/Toll Booths etc.


It benefits the customer by offering technology which requires fewer attendants, complete control over entry and exit records and financials involved. The end user benefits  by experiencing a seamless entry, user friendly app and enables the administrator to easily install and administer



This section explains the functionality offered by the system

RFID Based Entry

Boom barriers are supported with a long distance RFID scanner. All pre-registered cars are required to have a small 1' x 3' paper thin RFID sticker. As the car approaches the boom barrier, the RFID scanner scans the RFID sticker and sends a messgae to the server. The server verifies the RFID sticker and opens the boom barrier.

App Based Entry

The app can be used to open the barriers based on the following situations:

  1. Registered app users can simply press the open barrier button
  2. They can send a URL as an SMS to the expected guest who can press it to open the barrier button

Missed Call Based Entry

A person can send a missed call from pre-registered phone numbers to open the boom barrier


ANPR / LPR Mechanism Explained


Parking lot automated anpr camera car parking management system

Barrier- In order to control entering vehicles efficiently barrier is installed


ALPR  takes images of entering/leaving vehicles with high-definition megapixel camera and system  recognizes plate number.Boom barrier opens for  pre-registered vehicle. For unregistered vehicles the vehicle details are captured both at entry and exit points to calculate the charges if applicable.


Loop-coil is laid before and after the boom barrier.The loop detects the presence of a vehicle and camera takes picture for system to open the boom barrier. Once vehicle pass the second loop a signal is sent to the device indicating that the vehicle has passed and the boom barrier can close.


Mobile app for registered users identifies the GPS and Phone Number based Person Identification to ensure the person in physically at the gate.


End users can allow single entry or for multiple entry / exit for a specified time interval. This can be used by end users to give access to their guests


IIIrd Party Hardware & Software

Entry✅™ is provided as a managed service:


The following are provided with the system:

  1. Complete Hardware including Access Control Device
  2. Complete Controllers
  3. Complete Software
  4. Mobile App
  5. People to manage this system

 At the server side it uses  Single Application & DB server, One OS and RDBMS license. Backup, and DR site requires additional servers


What all has to be provided by the client


Wifi Connectivity


Space for installation


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